Welcome to Fresh Path Counselling

Fresh Path Counselling offers counselling services designed to improve your wellness. Our service is confidential, private, and flexible.

Our counselling is always respectful and non-judgmental, and free from distractions and disruptions. The focus is gaining an understanding of your unique concern while working collaboratively with you to facilitate its resolution.

We understand that scheduling sessions may be difficult and that some issues may be embarrassing or difficult to talk about. For this reason, we offer telephone counselling so that you can discuss your problems at a time that suits you in the comfort of your home. We are also able to visit you in your home in the Adelaide metropolitan area if you prefer or meet you in our professional consulting rooms.

Fresh Path Counselling works with adolescent and adult individuals, couples, groups, parents and families. If you’re concerned about your first appointment and what to expect at Fresh Path Counselling, read about your first appointment.

We are able to assist you with a wide range of challenges, such as coping with a loss in your life, the effects of stress on your life and workplace, or the impact of anxiety or depression on your wellness, all of which may be preventing you from reaching your goals in life. Our resources section contains information on many common concerns people may have about their lives. Regardless of your concern call us on 08 7200 2499 or click here to make an appointment today so we can discuss it!

Unhappy about your image?

Losing weight or maintaining weight can be troublesome for many people; it can bring such pain, sadness, anxiety and guilt to an individual that can impact daily living. And worse, it can pose health-related problems. Connect in with Fresh Path Counsellors today for some personal support to help you achieve your goals!

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